Playing with chip carving and colour.


Being a painter and after being inspired by Anja Sundberg and JanHarm ter Brugge at the past two spoonfests it seemed only natural  to start experimenting with chip carving and pigments. I have found that after trying out dedicated chip carving knives that I actually prefer to use my short mora carving knife with masking tape wrapped around all but the point. This allows me to hold the blade fairly close to the tip for good control. I enjoy being able to see the grain through the colour if using a pigment and this is achievable by wiping the excess paint off with a cloth before it is dry.

IMG_5323The spoon designs and colours have started to overlap into my furniture design, finding natural colours and pigments to use on wood has become an obsession!¬† Cinnamon, paprika, coffee, milk paint, weird vinegar and wire wool experiments to achieve a black dye! ( next post will explain!) More experiments with colour to come, watch this space……