Spoon Carving, Portland Basin Museum, Jan 2017 SOLD OUT

Intro to Spoon Carving.

Portland Basin Museum, East Manchester

January 21st 2017

Spoon carving is a fantastic introduction into green woodwork and one that can provide a lifetimes enjoyment.  It is a fantastic skill to learn as it can be done anywhere, with few tools and very little space.  On this course we will learn to carve your very own wooden spoon that you can use in your home using three tools, an axe, a carving knife and a spoon knife.

I will show you how to use all the tools safely and effectively, showing you how to split your log, safely carving with your axe and you will be shown a whole host of knife grips that will give you the skills to carry carving at home. We will talk about various spoon designs and what sort of shapes and sizes are the best for various types of spoons, such as eating spoons and cooking spoons.

This course will give you the basic skills to carry on carving and learn a skill that can provide a lifetimes enjoyment

Although all tools and wood are provided, you are welcome to bring your own if you have them.

Warning, spoon carving is addictive, once you start you will not be able to stop!!