Spoon Carving course (March 10th) 2018


Intro to Spoon Carving.   

March 10th 2018    10.00am – 5.30pm

Bretton Hostel, near Eyam/Grindleford,  Derbyshire, which is an easy drive from Sheffield.

A beautiful, new timber framed education building will house this course, learn the art of carving spoons whilst taking in the beautiful views of the peak district through the floor to ceiling windows


Please email to book or phone 07758193741


Spoon carving is a fantastic introduction into green woodwork and one that can provide a lifetimes enjoyment.  It is a fantastic skill to learn as it can be done anywhere, with few tools and very little space.  On this course we will learn to carve a simple cooking spoon, which will give you the skills to carve safely and carry on developing your skills at home.

I will show you how to use all the tools safely and effectively, showing you how to split your log, safely carving with your axe and you will be shown a whole host of knife grips.    We will talk about various spoon designs and what sort of shapes and sizes are the best for various types of spoons, such as eating spoons and cooking spoons.

I also have a wide range of spoon tools, which you can try out and work out which you like before you buy your own.

I will also talk about decoration and colour on wood.  I use homemade milk paint and egg glaze as well as acrylics and oil paint/linseed oil on my crafts and I will explain about how to use these pigments on your own crafts.

As well as carving I will show you how to sharpen and look after your tools and although all tools and wood are provided, you are welcome to bring your own if you have them.

Warning, spoon carving is addictive, once you start you will not be able to stop!!

Drinks will be provided but bring your own food for break times.

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All tools and materials will be provided.

Drinks are provided!

This course is non refundable