Spoons, bowls & other creations.

Everyone should have wooden spoons in their kitchen.  The warmth and softness of them cannot fail to make the food that you are cooking taste better, surely!

I have been carving wood for a long time but after carving my first spoon about six years ago my obsession started! fat spoons, thin spoons, wobbly spoons, scooping spoons, soup spoons, the list of spoon designs is endless and that is before you even start on chip carving design, experimenting with paint and spoons from different ages and countries!  There is nothing quite like carving a spoon, being taken off to spoon land and then waking up to find that hours have blissfully passed with all of your cares gone, well temporarily at least.


All spoons and bowls are carved with axe and knife and are finished with natural linseed oil.