Spoon Club


2020 – Spoon club is on hold for now!  it will be back! In the mean time i am now selling spoon blanks via the woodland craft supplies website, see the shop section for craft materials – keep carving – stay sane.

New 2019 Dates;

 11th April/ 2nd May/ 6th June/11th July/August no club/ Sept 5th/ Oct 3rd

A mid month Thursday 6-9pm at Ecclesall woods craft area  £5.00

This club is designed to get people together to share designs, ideas and general spoon indulgence.

Spoon Club is a club for those who have done a course or who have a little experience with woodcraft and would like a place to socialise, build their skills and swap ideas. I would suggest booking on a course to learn the basics before coming to spoon club as i cant give the time  to a total beginner that you would need to safely carve as many people are working on lots of different projects!.  You do not have to be an expert but this is not a structured course, more of a club with people to help out with techniques and other spoony ideas.
Please get in touch directly with Nadine at greenfoxwildcrafts@gmail.com or 07758193741 if you would like to attend.
If you would like information on structured Spoon carving courses, please get in touch, Nadine

  Booking is needed if you would like to borrow tools.  A small amount of tools and wood will be available but bring your own tools and wood if you have them. In the darker evenings we can use hectors house and the woodburner for warmth, but in the summer months we can venture outside and carve around the fire or in the yurt.

If you have any questions or would like to come, if you could just give me an email.

Thanks and see you there!!