Spoon Hoolie prefest course.


Nadine Grundy’s knife sheaths

£130 (includes a spoon hoolie festival ticket

To book follow link – https://www.thegreatscottishspoonhoolie.co.uk/prefestcourses

Nadine has been crafting, making and teaching for 20 years. Her background in Fine Art comes across in her decorated style of woodwork. She now practices green woodwork and woodland teaching full time, and combines her axe and knife skills with beautiful colours and chip carved patterns.

On this one day course, you’ll make your own wooden spoon-knife sheath out of birch. You’ll start with splitting the wood and then use a selection of tools to cut out the shape of your blade. Then, you’ll create the hinge and fastening system for your sheath. Once the box is made, you’ll move on to chip carving and different ways to colour wood, such as milk paint, burning and inlaying.

please go to  https://www.thegreatscottishspoonhoolie.co.uk/prefestcourses   to book.