Crafts & Creations

For me, working in the woods with a billhook and axe, coppicing, planting and gathering my own materials is inherent to making my crafts.  The stuff I make is connected to the seasons and the landscape in a way that no mass produced piece of furniture could ever be.

Using as much of the material as possible is incredibly important to me and i make use of as much of the tree or plant as possible, collecting the bark in Spring for sheaths and bags as well as making birch tar for wounds, tool protection and decoration. Even the bits of birch bark that cant be used for  weaving can be collected for making the fire and the brash made into charcoal or besom brushes.

As well as using the wood for carving from trees, i also use them for foraging for natural dyes, cordage, food and infused teas and gin.

The seasons become something to celebrate and gather different materials and my craft work reflects this.

All my crafts are made with hand tools and made from local, sustainable materials.

I have  various designs below available to pre order and then create regular one off pieces of work each month, please email if there is something that you would like to order that is in my past work.