The Tree Ogham Project.

For me, the seasons, my work, my crafts and life’s journey are all interconnected, one would not exist without the other.

I have a simple ethos of using as much of a material as possible, making and buying only what i need, living sustainably with nature and giving back as much as possible to friends, family and the land that provides me with both food and craft materials.

The Tree Ogham project is something that i have wanted to do for a while now, to follow the Ogham throughout the year, creating one off pieces of craftwork, foraging and expoloring the connections of each tree to each part of the year.

I have a tendency to excited about many different things and try and investigate them all, often resulting in a lot of separate projects that i simply cannot finish!

The Tree Ogham project is a way for me to structure these projects and produce one off pieces of work that force me to focus on one tree or plant at a time, whilst also allowing me to explore that particular plant in much more detail.

I will be writing about each Ogham starting with the Birch Ogham, which starts on 24th Dec and i will put the one off pieces of work up for sale at the end of each period of time, i will also do a wood or lino cut for each Ogham and produce a set of printed cards