Had such an amazing day – I would recommend this course to anyone. Nadine was an excellent teacher and patiently helped whenever I was stuck with a technique. Nadine broke up the process into methodical stages, whilst teaching us about wood properties, sharpening and wood sourcing along the way. I have learnt so much and feel thoroughly inspired to learn more! I’ve put ‘carving axe’ on my Christmas list and I can’t wait to expand my knowledge of green woodworking.

Emma –  –

We had a brilliant day at Regather in Sheffield. Nadine is an engaging and inspirational teacher and we learnt the basics of shaping the spoon blank with the axe, followed by more detailed shaping with spoon gouge and knife. Importantly, we also had an introduction to sharpening our tools and also to the different timbers used. We were not pressured in any way and as other reviewers have said, Nadine was very patient with us all. I had a little bit of experience of green woodworking, but really benefited from being taught a systematic approach to spoon carving with clear stages, rather than my usual bull-at-a-gate way which leads to poor results.
So highly recommended!

Richard Buckley – 

I loved this day soooo much. I have wanted to work through the process of making a simple cooking spoon for ages, from start to finish, and return home with knowledge and skills to continue this craft with a good beginners confidence, and Nadine’s course gave me this and more.
A really practical day, hands on seeing this process through. Nadine gives a great balance of support, knowledge and wisdom and also letting you get on with it. A very inspiring person to work with. The setting too was wonderful, so special, in a beautiful woodland with lovely touches of teas, coffees and treats. Thank you Nadine! Just ordered my sharpening kit! X

Eleanor – 

A fabulous setting to learn a new skill. Nadine is a very good and patient teacher with a lot of knowledge and skill to pass on. This was a lovely way to spend a day with like minded people. Thank you 😊

Susan Wheeler – 

We did this course in a beautiful forest setting. Nadine was a great tutor, gradually introducing new techniques and leaving us to work at our own pace with help when we needed it. She have us plenty of info on tools and materials to geek out on too. Highly recommended.

Sarah Ollier – 

I did an introductory 2.5 hour course which taught us the skills needed to whittle from a spoon blank to a completed spoon (didn’t include the axe work to get to a spoon-ish shaped bit of wood but this is included on the full day version).

Nadine was a great teacher – introducing the skills gradually and providing just the right level of supervision/intervention to ensure we could learn in safety and at our own pace. I was delighted to leave at the end of the session with my first spoon, and a surprisingly respectable spoon at that. As a bonus, now I understand why my previous attempts at hacking a spoon out of a stick with a pocket knife hadn’t worked out all that well!

Highly recommended!

Gregory Waring – 

After thinking about doing a spoon carving course for years – I finally signed up to this one-day course with Nadine. Very glad I did – it was excellent! Nadine is an enthusiastic and motivating teacher and throughout the day she shared her extensive knowledge of wood, spoon-carving, techniques and tools. The practical demonstrations were clear and frequent, as were her explanations of handling and using the tools, with a strong focus on safety – spoon-carving tools are extremely sharp! The day was well paced, with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. The balance between being taught, and getting on with it yourself felt just right. Overall, a brilliant start to learning a new craft.

Brigitte Soltau – 

Tons of knowledge, very good pacing, and encouraging for everyone. Felt like even if you’ve never had a sharp tool in hand before, you’d be happily chopping away by the end. Was super helpful to have the days activity put into the context of wood and wild craft in general, and get some ideas of what skills to explore next. Lovely day

Ivan – 

I booked this one day course for myself and my partner at Longshaw Estate in October 2018 as it is something he always wanted to do (me – not so much!). Nadine was great as a teacher, she was so open and welcoming and made us all feel completely at ease right away. She was thoroughly knowledgeable on everything you could need to know as a beginner, and explained things clearly. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for all of us and I am very proud of my spoon!

Alice – 

I did the spoon carving course with Nadine at Longshaw in April 2018 (We had great weather by the way and had to be careful the heat didn’t make the wood we were using dry out). It was a really enjoyable day – one of those days where you don’t realise the time has passed because you’re really absorbed in what you’re doing. Nadine is a great teacher; knowledgeable and informative, patient and encouraging and didn’t tire of answering any questions we had. She covered a great deal in the day but the pace never seemed hurried. The spoon I made I’m quite proud of – though it still needs a lot more finishing. More than that though – it’s inspired me to carry on and I’ve just ordered my first set of tools!

Helen Davidson – 

Can’t recommend this course highly enough to anyone wanting to learn how to spoon carve ! Nadine is a great tutor, presenting each stage in clear and understandable steps, and helping build confidence in using the tools involved, from axe technique to the different craft and spoon knife holds. There was an inspiring range of beautifully carved spoons on show to look at and handle, mostly Nadine’s own, loads to get enthused about and time just flew by. After previously spending countless hours alone scraping away at pieces of wood I have at last learned to do it properly! Bretton Hall, with stunning views across the Peak district, was also a great venue for the course.

Viv, Sheffield – 

Thoroughly enjoyed my spoon carving course. Very informative and I was glad to be taught the full range of skills needed to carry on with my wood carving. (I am now addicted as warned) A very relaxed atmosphere and Nadine was very patient and taught us all at our own pace. I would definitely recommend this course to people with an interest in learning wood carving or even just for an enjoyable weekend in the outdoors.

David Brealey – 

Event demonstrating and craft experience days.

I have demonstrated spoon and bowl carving as well as other heritage crafts such as barkcraft and weaving at events all around the country.  I can also provide demonstrations or provide sessions for people to experience the craft for themselves for private groups.

Please get in touch for my day rate if you would like me to demonstrate at your event or provide workshops.

NB.  all materials and tools will be provided